Monday, September 29, 2014

Take 50 dedicated Forex traders, one expert Forex author and combine that with new and innovative techniques on trading the Forex marketplace and you have got one great system. How do I know all of these facts I state are the truth? Because I am one of the 50 beta testers that has had the privilege of being a part of The Financial Turning Point testing phase.

Right from the start we could all tell that this isn't how a normal book on the techniques of winning in the Forex marketplace is done. The author, Alex, has set down a standard on how to go about creating a masterpiece. He is very articulate on how his techniques are to be applied and how to develop a winning strategy is accomplished. We are still in the testing period for module 1 which teaches you the fundamentals of his techniques for the Financial Turning Point.

The Financial Turning Point is an on going work in progress which seems to get better day by day. Already in it's third rewrite it has improved tremendously thanks in part to all of the beta testers which are mostly seasoned Forex traders. Testing will continue after the launch date of March 30, 2011.

I have accomplished some excellent results by using the The Financial Turning Point Forex techniques. We were all asked to submit 20 verifiable trades using the FTP system, as outlined in the eBook, and I can tell you that most of the testers have excellent results. Out of my 20 trades I have a 100% win rate. I do not say this to boast I only say this because I knew nothing about these techniques prior to reading and implementing what the book asks you to do. So anyone should be able to master these techniques like I did.

Simply put the Forex Financial Turning Point is a winner! Anyone will be able to read and start to enter trades in a more positive and financially rewarding way. And it comes with a full guarantee that if you do not get the results stated you will get all of your money back, now that is a great deal. So in closing I must say I highly recommend this book and if used properly it could quite possibly be a life changing way of winning in the Forex marketplace.

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